Strategy Development

We can bring in an experienced coaching and leadership team to work with boards or executive leadership teams to run programmes for business strategy development. From first explorations, to staff or public consultation, through to strategy execution and performance monitoring frameworks. 

We can also support ‘board reviews’ to observe, interview and make recommendations on how your board can become more effective and impactful. 

Call us to discuss facilitation of board and executive ‘away days’, corporate board reviews, board and leadership self-assessment or models for 360 performance appraisals.

We’ll use our bespoke Inner Mountain Strategy Tools to get you the best results.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and fees.

Good and clear strategic thinking, as an executive team, is a critically important 21st century essential aspect to survive and thrive; in a world of constant change, pressure and volatility.

Stuart Rimmer MBE

Strategy Development Feedback