What our clients say....

Stuart really helped me rebuild my confidence after a setback earlier in the year and taught me some new coping skills I could use when I found myself in a similar situation in the future. 

He also helped me recognise my strengths and acknowledge my achievements, which I’m not very good at doing. 

Another area Stuart helped me with was decision making. This was to encourage me to make better choices when picking future races and challenges to stop me from over-committing myself, which often led to poor outcomes.

I highly recommend Stuart’s excellent coaching services.

Claire Smith – Ultra-Endurance Athlete / Brutal Events Founder

Stuart provided an engaging and thought provoking session, to over a hundred colleagues, filled with numerous practical means of managing wellbeing in the workplace and our wider lives.

Colleagues have been unanimously positive in feedback and have started to benefit from implementing the techniques.

A very valuable key note.

Adrian Orr, Director of Education, Skills and Learning, Suffolk County Council

Stuart Rimmer has been coaching me and the Open Banking Excellence (OBE) team for nearly two years now.  His sessions and constant support have been an invaluable source of inspiration, guidance and focus to us all. As a trusted and hugely respected advisor he’s supported the team through a variety of professional and person issues, from personal development, goal setting and confidence building through to family bereavements.

On a personal level he coached me through an incredibly stressful commercial situation, always being there as a sounding board, guiding me not only to achieve my goal but importantly to do so authentically.

He’s has extraordinary talents; human empathy, an inordinate amount of patience and ability to listen without judgement.  Quite simply he allows us all to perform at our best and be the best versions of ourselves whilst doing so.

Helen Child – Founder & CEO Open Banking Excellence

Stuart is an inspirational leader who has been a great source of advice and support over the years.

Nicola Hill, School Leader

Stuart provided coaching to me when I had newly progressed in my career. This enabled me to become a more reflective and strategic leader by considering a wider range of perspectives when making decisions. His approach was exceptional and motivating, giving me great confidence to make a difference in my organisation and continue my career trajectory.

Clare Hood, Senior Manager

I worked with Stuart at a time when I was needing support with identifying direction and clarity for my new business. It was very important to me that the changes I was making were going to bring me not only fulfilment but also better balance in my life.

Stuart helped me pick through what was truly important and what was perhaps less so, and to plan and implement the changes needed.

I can recommend him highly.

Jackie Richards, Trenavin Consulting

Stuart is an exceptional mentor who has significantly impacted my career growth.

Stuart has assisted in various aspects of my overall development, including; navigating team conflicts, facilitating tough conversations, and strategizing work developments, he has a vast amount of expertise and experience in management and leadership to learn from.

I love his personalized approach, focusing on my growth by empowering me to find my own solutions while challenging my thoughts and emotions.

I thank Stuart for everything with regards to the success of my career, and would highly recommend him to others.

He is passionate and dedicated to supporting the success of others and allowing people to reach their full potential.”

Kelly Manning, Senior Manager, Massey University